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Corporate Experience

This page summarises some of my professional achievements since graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (NUS, 2020).


In my first full-time position, from April 2021 to December 2023, I worked for a leading EdTech organisation in Singapore (and Southeast Asia) where I played an instrumental role in building a functional curriculum subject team from the ground up.


Over two and a half years, I built a track record of:

  • designing and implementing new workflows and SOPs;

  • managing the personal and professional development of small team; and

  • coordinating and executing inter-departmental projects.


Moving forward, I plan to transition towards more product-focused roles, while expanding on my project management skills, as I navigate the next phase of my career and work on my continued professional development.


Some of my strengths in corporate settings include project management, relationship management with internal and external stakeholders, and effective business communication (both written and verbal).

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you have questions or would like to know more.


Executed "Geniebook's Mock Exams and Webinars 2023"

From May to September 2023, Geniebook relaunched its Mock Exams and Webinars event for the first time since 2020. I coordinated this project from end-to-end with various stakeholders from Branding, Marketing, Product, Engineering, and Curriculum. Apart from charting the timelines for deliverables, I also made decisions that influenced the overall direction, conduct, and user experience of the event. The event achieved a record 2000 sign-ups from existing subscribers and members of the public.


Increased Engagement through Narrative-Based, Thematic Lessons

Working together closely with the Secondary Mathematics curriculum team and its content designer, I coordinated two thematic lesson projects while in Geniebook:

  1. S2 Post-Exam Activities (2022)

  2. S1 Percentage (2023)

The overarching narrative that I designed for these lessons, along with the helpful graphics and animations, improved the overall learning experience and increased student engagement by over 50%.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 1.11.47 PM.png


Maintained a High Standard of Curriculum Output

As the head of the Secondary Mathematics team, I was responsible for the overall quality control of our curriculum output. Apart from designing curriculum framework documents for question population, and lesson plans for our virtual live lessons, I also reviewed the work of my fellow colleagues. Throughout my tenure as HOD, the team achieved less than five curriculum-related complaints each year for all our new content.


Provided Growth Opportunities through Professional Mentorship

In 2021, I proposed and implemented Geniebook's first traineeship programme under the government-assisted SGUnited scheme. As part of this programme, I managed the overall recruitment process, mentored the three selected trainees for 6 months, and saved the company an estimated $80,000. Two of the three trainees were eventually offered full-time employment.

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